Lovehulen has been breeding Maine Coon since 1983.


It was not ment to be from the start a matter of showing and breeding, while we did not know anything about genetics or color, but a friend of us said that we should try it. We borrow the curtain and stuff and went on to our first show. And of course we got, like many others, taken by the excitement. And according to the enormous interest for the Maine Coon cats, we meant that this breed must have a future.

We are working on keeping the Maine Coon, so that they could still be recognized as one of natures wonderful "products" with its on the same time wild and hansom look, and the calm confident, loving and very petable, and social family member.

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We have in this time been breeding almost all color, but the all White, we have not had for the last 5 years. We first of all work on keeping the type, size, health and good temper. That is for us what the Maine Coon can be recogniced from.

As in all breeding program, there is also in the MC breed, some bloodlines that has been more popular because of there holding the type. To avoid a natural consequence of this, we have through the last years taken more and more new bloodlines into our breed.

We have through the years learned that with new blood, also is introduced a new look, other fur structure, intensity of color, temper, and so on, therefore it is exciting, but also difficult, to predict how a mating between to different bloodlines will fall out. A natural advantage is that a new breeder not so easy could make inbreeding, unwarrantably.
In Lovehulen we try to make some healthy cats, who will have a test for the illness that is known to affect cats. We think that our kitten buyers, wants to get some unique cats, and therefore we only make a mating combination 1 time, unless we only get one sex, or very few kittens.

In Lovehulen all cats are living like a family member. We have no cages. We have fenced in all our garden, so that the cats can go in and out day and night. In one corner of the garden we have made a complete closed fence, used for mating and so.

Love Rita , Poul-Erik & Lovehulen's Maine Coon Cats
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